DESPACHO (english)

Despacho - II versão.ago.2009 from Jorge Schutze on Vimeo.

Arises from the concern of perceiving oneself in a world governed by bureaucracies, even in human relationships. 
I sense an anger in my body in relation to human society, and from one moment I was thinking about it and seek outlets, as my relationships were becoming increasingly scarce and it turned difficult to meet my interests in humanity.
DESPACHO, in this bias, is an attempt to find flavor in human relations and the environment, suggesting the dance as a medium of relationship. 
In "DESPACHO", I am looking for time-space of the body itself, from the stimulation of awareness and sensitivity, a program of assemblage of more subtle perceptions, seeking an unique experience, immediate movement, the condition of geo-historical all over the body and in the environment.
The body research on "DESPACHO" is in fact a continuation of researches in my previews performances, whitch has raised sensitive, motivated and spontaneous  actions in performance. What is added in "DESPACHO" is the consciousness that is the dance itself (expressive states that the body articulates) the reason for the existence of the performance, independent and free of any issues beyond the proper body search, a blind faith experience and body expression.

The action: 

A dancer looking for a relationship between the dancing body and the enviroment. The possibility of  experience new modes of human relationships.

Technical requirements

Public space, where people use to hang around ou pass by.
No need for any technical support. 

DESPACHO participations in Festivals and events:

The video also participates in the V VISÕES URBANAS – Festival Internacional de Dança em Paisagens Urbanas, as a dance-video;

the video was presented by DANCA EM FOCO (2010)
·         In October 2010 participates in the International Dance Festival in Recife.;
·         Receive recommendation from FREEDOM TO CREATE AWARD .NOV.2010.

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